Finals are upon us, rather like the plague.

I had a very random lunch today: spaghetti squash with pasta sauce, string cheese and a FiberOne caramel bar. I was going to make veggie delight for last night’s dinner (and for today’s lunch), but my remaining zucchini from last week was no longer in good shape. Sigh…the best laid plans.

Tonight is my last kickboxing class. Strangely enough, I’m not worried about working out during study period/finals week. I usually work out a lot during that time, otherwise my stress tries to strangle me in my sleep. I’m already planning to do a DVD followed by a cardiofest tomorrow, and I’ll definitely work out before my friend’s birthday party on Saturday. Since I have to keep a clear head, I won’t be too hung over to work out on Sunday, either! The only questionable day is Monday: I have a VERY early final, and then have to immediately study for the next morning’s final.
Yesterday, I had a cupcake as a bribe for 2 hours of studying. Yes, I was bribing myself with food. Yes, I know that was a bad idea. Yes, I am evil for putting a photo of said cupcake on the blog (and yes, I stole this photo from someone else’s flickr site. I apologize and bow to your superior photo-taking skillz, unknown person.).