I have rules on my mind: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Rule Against Perpetuities (RAP!), personal rules…

I broke a few last night. I like having a plan, and I was going to eat the Roommate’s black bean soup (healthy!) with a mini-panini. I returned from kickboxing high on endorphins, showered, and headed downstairs to find little dots of blue all over my mini panini rolls! So I ate my soup and felt vaguely unsatisfied. I then proceeded to eat some greek yogurt with FiberOne, chocolate chips, Kashi crackers…it was bad. Then I had a glass of wine. Stress eating at its finest, ladies and gents!

For the first time ever, I read the comments on a post at KathEats.com . I was a little taken aback! People were rude. I was shocked! I think of personal blogs as being a part of a person’s home, and to me it seemed a lot like walking into someone’s house and mocking their furniture and possibly even their children. The complaints seemed to come from a few people who were either upset about 1) Kath’s focus on food 2) Kath’s devotion to exercise or 3) her posting ONLY about her own life.

Well…it’s a blog about her lifestyle of healthy eating and activity. DUH. There were many layers to what was going on–some of the comments were made by people in recovery from eating disorders, and that’s a sensitive topic–but eating disorders or not, people were just mean. If that ever happened here, I would immediately make this blog private. But since I’m an attorney-to-be, I’m sure that no one would ever mess with me! I love litigation, and I’m not afraid to beat the crap out of someone in a courtroom.

Today’s breakfast: more pear oatmeal! I am going to grab a banana this weekend to see if I like it with oatmeal. If not, I think I might try some frozen berries just to mix things up. Or maybe a Rome apple since they end up being so soft when cooked.

Anyway, I have to get back to studying. We’re going over stuff from the beginning of the quarter in Civ Pro II today, and I only have a vague memory of what is going on…