I am reviewing some stuff for this morning’s civil procedure class, hence the post’s title. I am trying to outline all of my classes–it is going to be a close one!

Tonight, I think I’ll end up eating some leftovers or I’ll have the Roommate make some black bean soup. For lunch, I have some leftover baked shrimp from Sunday night and a teeny little container of leftover roasted cauliflower from last night’s dinner. I also have a sliced apple for my afternoon snack.

This morning, I weighed in at 152.4. Fortunately I won’t have time to bake in the next 2 weeks so I think I’ll probably drop at least another pound or two before I leave for Vegas. I can’t resist delicious homebaked goods!

Last night, I squeezed in 18 minutes on the elliptical, then I did some run/walk intervals on the treadmill for 22 minutes. My first interval was 5 minutes–it felt so good to be running! But I made myself stop because I was worried about my knees. Tonight, I have the first of my last two kickboxing classes. We already signed up for next quarter’s evening class–yay!