Yesterday, I ate good food. I think that I ate too much of it, and I can’t verify that because I didn’t have time to weigh myself. Yes, “springing ahead” threw me off so much that I slept in and had to shower, put on makeup, dress, cook oatmeal, throw my backpack together, and pack a lunch in 30 minutes.

I actually look alright today, as long as you don’t look at my face or hair. Har. Lost in the shuffle: my mug of coffee. It is sitting at home right now, wondering where I am…

Today’s lunch: leftover shrimp with whole wheat couscous and half a HUGE apple. I will hopefully fit in some light cardio this evening.

The good thing about finals? It means that vacation is right around the corner! And that means I will be fake tanning soon. I really think that Mystic Tan is worth the price before wearing a swimsuit. It takes a few pounds off, visually. 🙂