Losing an hour a week before finals is about to begin? It is NOT GOOD.

What is good? Whole Foods. I try not to go there too often because I get wrapped up in how amazing all their stuff is. Everything is so pretty; the salad bar is amazing, and the cheese selection? Good lord. The only way it could be better is if the U.S. didn’t have those unreasonable rules about raw-milk cheeses. I bought mini-whole wheat bagels and some pear jam.

I haven’t worked out yet today. I did make a brand new dinner: baked shrimp with feta! That’s my bowl, along with the whole wheat couscous I decided to add at the last minute. The recipe is from Ellie Krieger’s newest book, The Food You Crave. I love cookbooks with photos; it really helps me visualize the finished product.

The planned meals for the rest of the week:
roasted nutmeg cauliflower (another Ellie Krieger recipe)
pre-marinated halibut (from Whole Foods)
Veggie Delight w/tortilla (recipe on GreenLiteBites)
Black bean soup

This is our last week of kickboxing before the quarter ends. Actually, registration for next quarter starts tomorrow so we have to get our checks ready!

******************* evening update ***********************

I tried a new workout dvd tonight. I wanted to do something, but my back was a little sore. I thought, “OH! Pilates will be perfect!” Netflix sent me Shape’s Pilates workout so I thought, BINGO.

Here’s the thing: I love that they have you use an exercise band (woohoo resistance). I love that the DVD’s profits go to breast cancer awareness.

I also HATE that they have you use an exercise band: 1) when you rent the dvd, you do not get the nifty pink band, 2) when you substitute your own, you realize that either you are a wimp or your band isn’t as long because there’s NO WAY your band will stretch out that far, and 3) I am simply not coordinated enough to do pilates AND keep track of where my band is. There were these leg lifts when I was on all fours, and I couldn’t figure out how the lovely instructor-people were not getting all tangled up in their bands. It was a comedy of errors, people. I still finished the damn thing, but I will not be buying the dvd.