This morning, I woke up in a panic. I *hate* finals time.

So far today, I’ve had oatmeal made with 1/2 milk, 1/2 water, a pear and cinnamon. I threw a little brown sugar in and stirred in a teaspoon of almond butter. I love the little bits of crunch that the almond butter gives the oatmeal. puts this breakfast at about 320 calories. I’m going to round up and say it was 350 calories.

I’ve been outlining in my pajamas, drinking coffee. I had a biscotti a little while ago because I LOVE dunking them in coffee. These biscotti are from Trader Joe’s, but I love making them from scratch. You get EXACTLY the kind you want that way.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to have for lunch. There is still quinoa left in the fridge, chicken burgers I picked up from TJ’s yesterday, and mini panini rolls I could use to make a mini-sandwich.

I need to work out, shower, and get back to outlining. I’m thinking about making a baked shrimp recipe from Ellie Krieger’s latest cookbook tonight, so that means going to the grocery store, too. Last night, I focused on my lower body so today I’m going to do upper back, arms, and abs.

************* afternoon update ***************
I had a great workout! I did the upper body workouts from Self’s Trim & Tone Fast dvd (about 25 minutes), then I hit the treadmill for some walk/run intervals. That was 40 minutes, and I went about 3.25 miles. (I “run” really slowly. 🙂 ) I threw in some more bicep curls and some triceps while I was at the mini-gym since they have much heavier weights available than I have in my apartment.

I’m thinking about doing a really light lunch today. The pub crawl tonight begins early, so that means an early dinner with my friends. With the anticipated alcohol consumption, I *really* want to keep it light! I wish I had the ingredients to make this chickpea & roasted red pepper salad I saw in an old issue of Shape (or was it Self?), but c’est la vie. On fera ce qu’on peut. (I think that’s right…my French is rusty.)

Time to grab a shower, call my friend about tonight’s plans, and run to the bank for some cash!