Ok, so I don’t really have a hangover today. I did drink too much champagne last night. But I am really suffering from a sweets hangover! I made treats for our Project Runway finale night, and then a friend brought more. I had been well-behaved up ’til that point, and everything went downhill. I am helpless to resist cream cheese frosting. I generally avoid it because I will end up eating anything that comes covered with it, and I don’t want to find out how far my love for the stuff will push me. I.e., “Why yes I’ll have the cream cheese frosting-covered monkey brains!”

Morning weigh-in: 153.4 lbs.

This morning I was a little pinched for time. Staying up past midnight had me ignoring my alarm clock–actually, I tossed my watch across the room and found it when I woke up the second time–and then bolting downstairs to make my oatmeal, then upstairs to put on makeup while it cooled, then back downstairs to assemble my lunch and eat the oatmeal.

I brought more leftover quinoa, a Yo-Plus yogurt, and a HUGE sliced apple for lunch/snack today. The more I think about it, the more I’m annoyed that 1) Safeway doesn’t carry Greek yogurt and 2) one cannot seem to find small portion-sized containers of non-fat Greek yogurt anywhere. Yes, I have seen the Fage containers. But they don’t count, because they are expensive!