I have truly rediscovered my love for oatmeal. Last year, I was making this oatmeal that involved butter, apples, brown sugar and cinnamon; I think my new version is a little healthier. It is also a near carbon copy of Kath’s oatmeal on KERF, but hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

With my normal habit of getting stuck on a recipe, I made the taco turkey stew with quinoa again last night. It was so easy to chop everything up, stick on the stove and shower after kickboxing while it simmered away. Note: I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you have a nice roommate who is willing to give it a stir once or twice while you run off to the shower.

We had leftover pizza in the fridge but I have managed to avoid gorging myself on it. I did eat far too many Girl Scout trefoils last night but hopefully still managed to preserve my calorie deficit.

Today’s meals:
Breakfast: old-fashioned oatmeal prepared with skim milk, water, cinnamon and a diced pear; topped with almond butter and honey
Lunch: leftover quinoa stew, half a VERY large apple
afternoon snack: the rest of the apple
Dinner: undecided