I bought some old-fashioned oatmeal this weekend to try out the KERF version of oats. I made it yesterday using half skim milk, half water and it just didn’t look quite the ways hers does! Maybe it was the lack of a banana? (I have a weird relationship with bananas; I have progressed to eating them dried in cereals and raw as long as they are in small chunks with other fruit, but they’re just not my favorite thing.)

Anyway, I tried again this morning and this time followed Kath’s instructions instead of the Quaker box’s. It worked! The oats were creamier. I also peeled most the skin off a pear, diced it, and threw it in with the oats and milk. The pear softened and absorbed some of the cinnamon I threw in. Absolutely delish! The only problem was that it took me so long to eat the bowl–in the healthy eating world this was great–but in the carpool world, VERY annoying to my fellow carpoolers!

Today’s lunch is a slice of the Safeway pizza The Roommate made last night along with the remaining Veggie Delight from Sunday. I also brought a sliced apple for a pre-kickboxing snack.