and my willpower comes to a shuddering stop.

Let’s focus on what I did right today:
– I stayed away from the free lunch and ate my “Veggie Delight” (recipe from GreenLiteBites)
– I picked up Ellie Krieger’s new cookbook from the library and devoured it like a 13-year-old boy with Daddy’s Playboy
– I pre-measured my oatmeal for tomorrow morning, have set the coffee pot up for an automatic start, and packed my gym bag

Ah. Today wasn’t a *total* loss. And tomorrow will be even better!

I found a number of intriguing recipes today while playing around on the internet, and many of them involve sweet potatoes (mmmmm). I’ll be trying some of those later this week. And I think I’ll likely be buying Ellie Krieger’s cookbook for myself. There are far too many recipes I like for me to copy down!