Don’t get me wrong, I think that exercise is great “me time.” I love to walk by myself, listen to music, and puzzle through all the things that are on my plate.

BUT I also LOVE group classes! I push myself harder, try new things, and meet new people. It’s truly one of those simple pleasures in my life. Today, I tried a body toning class at a new group fitness place in Seattle called Community Fitness. The class was good–it went by incredibly quickly. If classes at the university gym don’t fit into my schedule next quarter, I will likely start using this more and more!

I think that my arms and legs will be sore tomorrow. I might try the Zumba or NIA class at CF tomorrow unless I’m so sore that I can barely move!

This morning’s weigh-in put me at 153.0 lbs. We’ll see if this little bump on the graph evens out by Monday…