Oh, was I ever in a wretched mood last night! I ate several fancy dessert glasses full of double-churn ice cream and read on the couch as a “remedy.” I know that I should not use food to feel better, but the sick thing is that it worked. I relaxed a bit, went to bed early and I feel much better today.

Daily weigh-in: 153.2 lbs. Fortunately, I ate pretty well most of the day yesterday so the ice cream didn’t trip me up too badly.

I indulged a little this morning. A friend brought homemade cinnamon buns in, so I had half of one (they’re about half the size of a store-bought one). This of course means that I need to behave myself the rest of the day! The lunch I brought to school is very healthy: the last of the quinoa, some carrot salad, and an apple. Tonight I plan on having more of my sweet potato & squash soup and maybe making a spinach and sauteed bell pepper quesadilla (with one tortilla, not two).