Sometimes time flies by so fast that it scares me a little–seriously, where has the time gone?? I need to start studying with finals in mind…and I still don’t have a job lined up for this summer.* At least vacation is coming up, and with it more and more motivation to work out. I want to look decent in my swimsuit!

I was right about this morning’s weigh-in: 152.6 lbs. I knew that my weight would go up. Instead of being down on myself, I’m trying to see it as a reminder to stop snacking so much. I did work out each day this weekend despite being very sore from my workout on Friday. Yesterday, I used the elliptical for 30 minutes, lifted some weights (biceps, triceps, rows and lat pulldowns) and then walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes.

Class is beginning so I have to run.

* For a second-year law student, this is pretty close to catastrophe. Not as bad as being a 3L without a job, but still, it’s troubling. The stressful emails from the Career Center are about to start plaguing me…