Everyone loves short work weeks. I am no exception! It’s particularly nice that it’s Thursday because my bedtime last night was much later than normal.

Yesterday, I had errands to run after studying. By the time I returned home, the mini-gym at the apartment was crowded. It stayed that way for quite some time, and since we were expecting friends later that night I just couldn’t manage to do it.

I ate well during the day, but then a last minute stop at the grocery store derailed me: I bought ice cream for our friends (2 for 1 deal on Safeway slow-churned, damn them) and then indulged in something that has been obsessing me for over a week: sourdough bread. I looked to see if they had small individual loaves, but all they had were the family-sized ones. Instead of putting it off–or realizing that I could have purchased sourdough English muffins for better portion control–I bought a San Francisco-style loaf. And yes, it did taste as good as I thought it would.

Did I mention that we are trying SmartBalance? I really like it! I try not to forget that it’s best used like real butter, i.e. sparingly, but it’s nice to know that it might have an effect on my cholesterol.

I weighed myself this morning, but since the scale was on carpet and not the bathroom floor I’m not going to count it. I looked down and it read 150.6 lbs. It was obviously, if delightfully, wrong!

B: plum and Simple Harvest oatmeal
L: leftover taco turkey quinoa stew
S: chopped pear w/1 Tbsp 0% TJ’s greek yogurt, 1 tsp honey
S2: sliced apple in lemon juice
D: probably veggie chili over spaghetti squash

1. Drink lots of water!
2. Go to kickboxing
3. Stay away from the ice cream in the fridge.