It’s a weird day all around, everyone. My daily weigh-in was 151.0 lbs (I should go to bed feeling slightly hungry more often). I’m pretty sure this is an outlier.

I’m getting a free lunch today; to offset the calories, I’m going to pick whatever vegan option is offered. I also brought healthy snacks to keep points low, all of which should be core foods. I think that we’re going to try and get to the gym a little before kickboxing tonight so that we can do some weights. Since I’ll be wearing a swimsuit soon, it seems like the right thing to do.

Daily goalsetting has been lacking of late, so here goes:
1. Go to kickboxing
2. Focus on core foods
3. Drink lots of water

Breakfast: simple harvest oatmeal
Snacks: apple, cup of grapefruit slices, FiberOne bar
Lunch: free lunch, apparently will be sandwiches
Dinner: taco turkey stew w/quinoa (recipe from GreenLiteBites)

Evening update:
Things went really well today, I think. I treated myself to a Wyder’s pear cider with dinner, and I LOVED the recipe from GreenLiteBites. Fortunately, I had leftover squash before it finished cooking or I might have inhaled half of the entire pot. I have plenty of leftovers for lunch.

Kickboxing was SO HARD tonight. She did so many high intensity intervals in a row that I thought my heart was going to shoot out my chest. If she does it again, I’m going to have to say something. Everyone in the class was half-heartedly doing stuff and she kept saying, “Come on, ladies!” (I might have glared at her a little, but COME ON. If my super-fit friend is sucking air, we need a second in between squat-jumps and mountain climbers to let our heartrates slow.)