If you’re going to eat chocolate, have the kind you’d take home to meet your
parents. ~ Victoria Moran

I started reading Victoria Moran’s Fit from Within: 101 Simple Secrets to Change Your Body and Your Life–Starting Today and Lasting Forever. I really like Lesson #6: “Focus on Living a Quality Life.” She suggests making your life richer through simple things, including eating quality food. I think it’s a positive sign that I’m craving more veggies and whole grains lately; the food on Kath Eats Real Food and Green Lite Bites is inspiring me! I can’t wait to try roasting a spaghetti squash.

Yesterday I went off plan to have dinner with a friend. I did make a point to do about an hour of cardio (elliptical, a little jogging and some walking). After we walked around, shopping, we were starving and ended up eating hamburgers. We did share some French fries rather than each having an entire order, and I did not have any alcohol. (I haven’t had any alcohol or coffee for over a week now.)

This morning’s weigh-in was 154.0 lbs. It was a very late weigh-in this morning. I slept in incredibly late (10:30am!!) for no particular reason. I ended up eating lunch rather than breakfast (leftover shrimp & gnocchi) and had roasted butternut squash, a tuna steak (from a pre-prepared package) and a scoop of the roommate’s couscous for dinner. I’ve been snacking on clementines all day, too.

I’ve been toying with the idea of switching to the Core plan on Weight Watchers, but I’m so fond of many of my recipes that the idea seems daunting. I am going to try to increase the number of core foods that I eat in the hopes that it will be the best of both worlds.