I woke up this morning feeling tired but better in general. Of course, I haven’t had an antibiotic since 6:30pm last night, so maybe that is why. I’ll be holding my breath a little when I take my next one at lunch.

Today’s goals:
1. Go to kickboxing.
2. Prep tomorrow’s lunch tonight (salmon patty!)
3. Go to bed EARLY.

Today’s weigh-in: 155.2 lbs. Again.

Honestly, I think I need to log things into WW immediately after eating them. I woke up this morning remembering that I forgot to specify that I wanted a nonfat Chai, and suddenly this thought pattern ran through my head: “Does that cafe use 2% as the default? Or whole? Wow, if it was whole milk I *definitely* dipped into my Flex Points. I bet they use whole. Why can’t they be like Starbucks and give everybody 2%? That cafe sucks.” And so on.