Since I still wasn’t feeling up to working out tonight (yeah, my body still hasn’t adjusted to the antibiotics), I decided to do another grocery run. This time, I hit Trader Joe’s. As usual, the Tiniest Trader Joe’s Ever was running low on items.

I did find some salmon patties, though, as well as some eggplant parmesan patties. I thought that both would be good for lunches this week. I also grabbed a box of biscotti, thinking that a nightly snack with a cup of decaf tea would be perfect for me. Fortunately, they didn’t have the oatmeal cranberry dipping cookies! They are my favorite and come in a HUGE tub.

Tomorrow is kickboxing class. I’m planning on as long as things are at “meh” or above. If I’m experiencing nausea, all bets are off.