FACT: I am an emotional/bored eater. I eat when I’m tired, and since one almost always feels tired when sad, I think that you can see where I’m going with this. Since working out releases endorphins, it helps me stay on plan.

The issue that keeps putting me in a bad mood? The fact that I did not get a summer job through On-Campus Interviewing (OCI). For non-lawyers and non-law students, it’s like going through sorority recruitment, feeling like you really connected with several houses, and then not getting even one bid. I’m not as disappointed as I could be; I was a close second on many of the decisions, and I lost out to friends. (Much better to lose out to a qualified, wonderful person than to some of the personality-lacking people you meet in law school sometimes.)

Still, it messed with my self-esteem. And while I love my friends, it definitely sucks to hear them talking about all the parties and goodies the firms lavish on them…while I am still unemployed for the summer.

Anyway, this is only peripherally related to weight loss, so I’ll move on: I keep pulling myself up by my bootstraps, working out, taking my antibiotics (OH YES: I found out that I have a sinus infection and have to take these horse pills 3X a day–and even so, I went to kickboxing last night), and doing my thing. I think that counts for something, right?

Daily weigh-in: 153.8 (woo! slowly but surely going down)

Daily goals:

1. Work out with my friends this afternoon.

2. Keep lunch/snack points to a minimum.

3. Drink glasses of water in between the beers tonight.

Tonight is going to be a blast–it’s our mid-program celebration since we’re halfway done with law school!