I realized tonight that my little 5-pound weights might be adequate for some of the DVDs I do, but they are not getting it done for my arms. Granted, my shoulders are incredibly weak and might get a little tuckered out when I used those, but my biceps are BORED.

Our apartment has a little gym with some weights, and tonight I did hammer curls and some tricep extensions with 15 pound weights. So much better!

I’m going to challenge my roommate to an escalating pushup challenge. Both of us have weddings to go to this summer, and both of us will be wearing sleeveless dresses. The idea: every other day, we try to fit in as many pushups as possible. Today I did 25. Granted, that was on my knees but my arms feel stronger already!

Tomorrow night is kickboxing. I am so happy to be well again and able to go.