Super Bowl + falling off plan = 155.6 lbs.

Today’s lunch
Leftover bean-beef tortilla bake
sliced apple
Fiber One bar (if I get really hungry before lunch)

Today’s goals
Drink LOTS of water
Do a total of 25 pushups (already did 12 this morning)
Do at least 40 minutes of cardio tonight

Today, I am wearing a ring that my mom’s best friend gave me. I call it my “no complaints” ring. My mom’s friend is still alive, but she has had breast cancer twice, had her hip replaced and was recently told that the chemo/meds regime she is on is failing to beat back her pancreatic cancer. Despite this, I have never seen her complain. She has been a loyal and wonderful friend to my mom, so when I wear this ring I remind myself, “No complaining today. Just work hard.”