When I first hurt my knees, I was training for my first 10k. For a long time afterwards, I would actually become upset when I saw other people running. Weird, huh? I think I was afraid that if I couldn’t run, I could never really be fit. I was incredibly jealous of everyone else who could run.

I cannot wait to have a job again, and more importantly, decent health insurance! I am going to get some orthotics and maybe even consult with a physical therapist to make sure that I approach running the right way.

What brought on all this? While my roommate is off at kickboxing class, I’m sitting here with my Sudafed–the real kind, thank you ever so much–and my Kleenex looking at different workouts online. (Sidenote: for some reason, I can’t click through to the workouts featured on the opening page of www.fitnessmagazine.com . How crappy is that website?) I’m experiencing a little of the angst I had when I first hurt my knees, even though I know that I’m being irrational: I’m going to feel better soon, and I’ll be back to working out asap. But it’s funny–when I’m not working out, my healthy eating falls apart completely. Sigh.

The good news? I’ve figured out that I 1) miss working out when I can’t (yay!) and 2) need to work on controlling my eating when I’m not working out (meh). Ah, new goals 🙂