Every day…scratch that, every day that I remember, I change my screensaver to say “51 more days til VEGAS!” I also keep shots of previous trips to Vegas up as my background to remind me of one of the reasons I work out and eat healthy: POOLSIDE TIME APPROACHES.

Sadly, I’m still tired/stuffed up. I want to curl up on the couch and watch Martha Stewart. I weighed myself this morning, and two days of being off-plan PLUS TOTM = 156.0 lbs. Yesh.

So, my plan for today includes:
1. Cleaning. It needs to be done to get rid of germs, keep me focused, and prevent possible guests from running into the night, screaming about slobs.
2. Apply for a research assistant position. I need the money. And the possible networking that can come from it.
3. Do a light workout: arms and then some light cardio.
4. Pick 2 healthy recipes to take for the Super Bowl party.
5. Pick a healthy recipe for tonight’s dinner that uses up some of the things sitting in my fridge right now (leftover low-fat tortillas = crazy lots of possibilities!)

I’m going to do it. Really. I’m going to get up, off this chair.

*Sneezes. Coughs.* Sigh.