I have been working out consistently for about 5 weeks now.

And, of course, now is when my sinuses decide to lead the charge into Sickville. I have a sore throat and feel like my head is going to explode. My knees also hurt, and this is either from the cold or from running. I really hope it’s from the cold. I would rather be sicker than I think I am than start facing problems with knees. (Have I just outed myself as as desperate, denied runner? I think I have.)

And so today will be my second day of not working out. I am also going to skip 2 of my 3 classes. Believe me, I HATE doing this. But I’ve learned that skipping now usually means better grades later. The sooner I get well, the more effort and concentration I can bring to my reading and classtime.

Until I’m well, it’s ColdEeze and hot tea, REPEAT.