In high school, my gym teacher required that we wear cotton socks and cotton shirts to work out in.

Yeah, that wasn’t so great! A girl like me sweats a lot when she works out (I try to push myself pretty hard in almost every workout) and I prefer the wicking capabilities of higher tech fabrics than cotton.

Sadly, it became apparent last night at kickboxing that one of my older shirts, a much beloved running shirt from Adidas, is no longer wicking. How apparent: Sweat Patches! Ugh. Fortunately, I believe in rewarding myself. Fortunately, I am trying to reward myself with everything but food. Therefore, I will be rewarding myself with a new workout tee when I reached 152 lbs, which is the weight I was before my weight jumped six pounds in a month.

This morning’s weigh-in: 154.0. (it was 153.4, but that was on the carpeted floor. I was so excited that I had to doublecheck on the bathroom floor, and OF COURSE it was wrong. Oh well.)

I might be switching up my plan for this week. Kickboxing yesterday focused on our butts, and since I was already sore from my lower body workout the day before it was torturous! Also, my normal winter sinus problems *might* be morphing into a winter cold. My new plan for tonight is to drink decaf tea and stay warm. If I feel better this afternoon I will do something light, like a slower-than-usual walk or some yoga.

Happy weight loss to everyone!