I have a favorite drink, one that I fall back on whenever I’m out. I love amaretto sours. I find them tart and sweet and refreshing, and there’s nothing better to have as a cocktail. I usually indulge when I’ve had a really hard day (like today) or when someone else is picking up the tab on a special occasion (rare).

When I came back to school from the happy hour, replete with satisfaction from having my favorite drink, I entered it on fitday.com. Well, I tried to anyway. But fitday only has info for a whiskey sour. I tried google, and got widely varying responses. But the sad fact is that an amaretto sour is loaded with calories. As with every drink, the calories vary depending on the bartender. I was sitting at a table, not watching the bartender, so I have no idea how he made it.

A little of my glow from having what I wanted is gone, but not all. I’ll simply save the amaretto sours for special days, and from now on, I definitely will not be having more than one!