Dealing with an injury is no fun. Trying to crosstrain on a limited budget and a broken bike is also no fun. Finding your old TaeBo tapes in the closet and deciding to mix it up a little? Kinda fun. Fun that hurts a bit the next day.

I used to do TaeBo with my friends in college. It has been about 3 years since I’ve really used them–I used to be able to the advanced tape all the way through, go me!–and I only did 30 minutes of Advanced Tape 1 last night. But it was difficult, I sweated, and it was something different than using the exercise bike.

I really need to find a cheap way to replace my bike’s tires. A friend of mine works for REI so I think I’ll ask her for advice.

Time to go stretch out–every time I sit for more than 10 minutes, my muscles get a little bit more sore!