I think the answer to that one is patience. Patience and perseverance. Patience, perseverance, and surprise. Surprise and fear…wait, that’s a Monty Python sketch!

I recorded a loss this week…and then I held my drink tickets for the Gala in my hand and thought, “Well, I need to get my money’s worth, right?” Oops. So much for the low-calorie Diet Cokes I planned on imbibing. There’s nothing worse for weight loss than alcohol, unless it is drinking lots of alcohol when you haven’t had a proper, filling dinner.

And THEN someone mentions Tater Tots, the best drunk food ever. And you find yourself wondering who you have to beat up to get a plateful of Tots.

Yeah…this weekend didn’t go so well. I had calorie-laden Long Islands, Tater Tots at 2am, and then a hangover brunch that involved chorizo and eggs. But I think I’ve relearned a valuable lesson–a lesson that I need to learn about once a year, apparently–about planning ahead. If I had thought to have a good meal before the party, if I had alternated alcohol with water, I would be much prouder of myself right now.

Beating myself up about this serves no purpose. Instead, I’m going to work on my homework and then go work out.