Harley Pasternak has better credentials than most trainers out there. He has the celebrity clientele and a Master’s in Exercise Physiology. He apparently has actually researched. But still, I don’t know if I buy his philosophy. For one, he claims that you can be healthy only working out 25 minutes a day. Would that it were true!

I haven’t entirely finished the book yet but I’ve scoffed repeatedly. I know that we’re constantly learning more about the human body, but even the government has revised its recommendations for the amount physical exercise up, not down! Granted, it is the government but this is still contrary to everything I’ve ever heard outside of those ridiculous “tone your abs in five minutes a day!” commercials.

Mr. Pasternak holds up Halle Berry’s transformation in Catwoman from hot to hotter as an example of what 25-minute workouts can do. Again, I’m skeptical: Halle Berry had to train in martial arts for her scenes, so I’m relatively sure that the shape of her body had something to do with the hours of capoeira she practiced as well as Mr. Pasternak’s program.

Despite all this, perhaps I should suspend disbelief and try his program. I just can’t believe that five minutes of cardio will keep my cardiovascular system in any kind of optimum health…