Oh, indeed. Vegas is all hustle and bustle, bright lights and spectacle. And it is also about eye-popping amounts and quality of food. I couldn’t resist…at least not all the time.

Despite that, I feel much more relaxed and able to take on things now. Like so many other women, I turn to food when life feels difficult (or boring). It’s a shame that, unlike men, women get fat when they’re not content. Of course, I find it difficult to believe that all the very overweight and obese men I saw in Vegas this weekend are living deliriously happy lives.

I did manage to walk a lot, avoided mindless snacking, and shared my dessert. Sadly, sharing a piece of the creamiest NY-style cheesecake I’ve EVER had is still pretty bad…My post-vacation weigh-in tomorrow morning is likely not going to inspire smiles.

But things are looking up: I have new workout DVDs to try, courtesy of the library; the weather is slowly improving, making outside workouts compelling again; and I am ready to spend the rest of my vacation scouring my CookingLight cookbooks for tasty new recipes to try!