Last year, I half-heartedly did the SELF Challenge. I was already in pretty good shape, despite my knees still rejecting my every attempt at running. This year, things are different. I started the Challenge with the best of intentions. Those intentions went quickly south when some family members had some issues and disappeared completely when I was hit with the flu.

Sometimes, life just does not cooperate with a girl on a mission.

Today, I have to study for my next (LONG, TORTUROUS) exam. But to prove to myself that my health is still a priority, I’m going to make time to work out today. I’ll be doing at least 35 minutes of cardio AND the Self Challenge’s strength workout.

I started out the morning with my favorite breakfast; well, my favorite breakfast that doesn’t count waffles or french toast: Apple Harvest Oatmeal. I’ve tweaked this recipe to accomodate a single serving, and taken out a few items I don’t have on hand. I’ll post the tweaked recipe later.